Big Tire Hoverboard Black

big tire hoverboard
big tire hoverboardbig tire hoverboardBig tire hoverboard

Big Tire Hoverboard Black

$499.00 $305.00

WHY choose the Big Tire Hoverboard?

– We have the cheapest price on the market
– The io hawk is one of the fastest existing
– Many great colors to choose from
– Low charging time
– Low consumption, safe and convenient
– It shows how much battery remains
– Waterproof and dustproof
Smart and easy to operate
– Rough design
– Inflatable tires
– Zero pollution
Easy to use
– Portable
-Easy To learn

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Product Description

Big Tire Hoverboard

Do you wish to cruise around on a levitating big tire hoverboard? Big tire hoverboard  brings you combination of fun and ease of movement.

It is the first of the next generation of self-balancing scooters that are both entertaining and safe to use. This two-wheel balancing scooter has upgraded wheels with superior inflatable tire as well as non-slip foot pedals for better and safer riding.

It runs very fast and has a battery that lasts for (number of miles) with an indicator to let you know when it’s time to charge up. Race your friends, try cool new tricks, or use this eco-friendly device on your commute to work, school and strolling. You’re going to have a blast while cruising with this futuristic mode of transportation!


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