io hawk green
io hawk greenio hawk greenio hawk green

io hawk green

$499.00 $365.00

WHY choose the IO hawk?

– We have the cheapest price on the market
– The io hawk is one of the fastest existing
– Many great colors to choose from
– Low charging time
– Low consumption, safe and convenient
– It shows how much battery remains
– Waterproof and dustproof
Smart and easy to operate
– Rough design
– Inflatable tires
– Zero pollution
Easy to use
– Portable
-Easy To learn

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Product Description

Hitting the market with a promise to let you walk without even walking, the IO hawk is all set to let you roll!

An easy to use device that stick to your feet and make you skate on the sideways, streets and the roads, this is one of the best inventions of the latest time.

To describe the same in layman terms, the IO hawk is a skateboard, which you require to balance. It can be thought of the segway but with the direction and the controls in your legs than hand.

IO hawk is set to revolutionize the walking experience as the new trend wants you to roll than just walk, adding to your on-foot experience. It will enable you to bye pass the traffic; reach your destination faster or maybe just for the purpose of fun.

Easy to use, better controls and handling up to 280 pounds of the weight, IO hawk can accommodate all type of human feet and this is what marks it revolutionary. Designed with a purpose of improving the mobility for the people of all the ages, IO hawk can be recharged to 100% within a short span of just 3 hours and has a full range of more than 10 miles.


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