A Big Tire Hoverboard is a great way to maneuver through cities and crowded areas.

Pick from a variety of colors.

Hover boards are described as “Back to the Future” board that can self-balance, rechargeable battery, and convenient. Most hoverboards have two wheels, one on each side with a board inbetween the wheels where the person stands. The hoverboard is maneuvered by the drivers feet standing on the in-builtsensor pads. There are many kinds and types of hoverboards and there is also many wheel sizes that can be added onto your boards. The size of the wheel does not really change the hoverboards appearance but it can provide you better safety.

Purchasing the right hoverboard

Choosing the right hoverboard can be complicated, you might need to do some research especially if you are going to be spending some good money for this board. Some boards have add-ons and other have added features. There are many types of hoverboards you can choose from such as:

Blue Hoverboard

The Blue Hoverboard is a limited edition and is known as the “Cobalt” for its smooth and silky look. When you order itwill come with a fully charged battery, manual, a wall charger, breakaway cord charger, and 180 day warranty.

Big Wheel Hoverboard Carbron Fiber

The Big wheel hoverboard Carbon Fiber is a 10 inch sophisticated self-balance board with in-built sensors that is easy to control. You can set your body weight for better mobility. The Big Wheel Carbon Fiber has the capacity to hold up to 200 lbs. And comes with premium first-class rubber tires designed for any road conditions. It is also water-resistant and features include LED lights that make this hoverboard one of the latest trends.

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