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Why Should you Buy the Io Hawk

June 7, 2016/Io hawk/5 min. read


It’s THE smallest mobility device you could ever own. With an average width of an adult shoulders &weighing just 265 lbs it fits in to any closet! A dream come true for small apartment holders as they do not even need to think of parking space requirements.

The Intelligent personal mobility device manufactured by IO Hawk is clearly radicalizing the way we move about! Let’s accept it, our city streets are jam-packed with cars hogging street space. Public transportation is effective but cumbersome. Somehow it seems to add to traffic misery. The situation becomes worse when you’re a single commuter who doesn’t necessarily need to travel a long distance to work. Even when you walk across a couple of blocks for errands, it seems like such a night mare!

Clean and Silent

This is cleanest and greenest scooter which not only saves you energy but does not leave any sort of carbon foot prints either. No emissions here, as it works on a chargeable battery which is practically noiseless. Moreover, a single full charge remains for a minimum 12 miles haul!


Anyone above 14 years of age can operate it by just shifting the weight across the front grips. It just takes 5 mins to get the hang of it and in an hour you can actually master traffic jams and by lanes of any busy city street!

Coolest new way to Rock the block

Well commuting worries are over as the IO Hawk is a great innovation which is a cross between a Subway and skateboard and is the perfect persona mobility device for short distances across city lanes and by lanes.

Personal mobility device by IO Hawk is already a rage in all the major European cities which are plagued with narrow streets, traffic snarls and toxic carbon emissions. However, wading through the city jungle will be much  simpler and flexible if you just have the IO Hawk .

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